Towing Services


Is your boat in peril of sinking?  Whether underway or at the dock we can save you from sinking.  Our gas powered pumps, air bags, and patch kits will keep you afloat.

Don't mess around in this type of situation.  If you have the option to get help but turn it down, your insurance company won't be happy.  

Oil and Fuel Spills/Leaks

Did you spill or leak fuel or oil?  Big fines are associated with such leaks and must be reported to the Coast Guard.  We can help you contain and clean it up.  Most marine insurance policies cover this type of service...unless you break the law and don't report it...

Boat Delivery

Andrew Storch, a retired Commander in the United States Navy with 23 years of total service and 7 years of sea duty, maintains a United States Coast Guard 100 Ton Near Coastal Masters license with a towing endorsement. We can deliver your boat via water anywhere on the inter-coastal or inland waterways. 

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