A veteran owned small business

A veteran owned small business


Need a boat tow, gas, lube oil, or a jump start?

Call now at (513) 978-7290


Contact us if you are interested in a membership and want to further protect your boat and your passengers.  Your private boat insurance policy probably covers towing.  Whether it does or not you should consider our $175 membership which includes towing anywhere on the river between Lawrenceburg, IN and New Richmond, OH. 

Memberships are valid 1 May through 31 October. 

The average towing fee is $500 but can run much higher depending upon circumstances.  

Do you have a SeaTow or BoatUS membership?  The Basic membership you received from BoatUS when you bought your boat only covers $50 of towing.  Also, since they don't operate in the Cincinnati area, give them the number of Storch Marine Towing & Assistance when you need help.  They will tell you to contact us and we will handle the rest.


Business hours:

Starting on Memorial Day weekend 2019 we are open from 6pm on Friday until 6pm on Sunday.  Towing available weekdays by appointment.

We will be operating on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.



Captain Andrew Storch maintains a US Coast Guard Masters License (Merchant Mariner Credential 000468199) backed by 7 years of United States Navy Sea Duty as a Surface Warfare Officer.  Storch is a retired US Navy Commander.