Did you just purchase a new boat?  Need help learning how to operate it?  Or, do you just want to learn how to pilot a boat?  We provide hands on training using our boats and yours.  We cover everything from safety laws, pre-underway checks, weather, currents, boat handling, piloting, line handling, and emergency situations.

Captain Storch is a certified instructor for Freedom Boat Club in Cincinnati, Ohio. He also instructs the USCG OUPV Masters, Towing, and Sailing courses through TrueCourse Captain’s School.

training course by Captain Storch may include:

Safety Topics

PFD: Personal Flotation Device requirements

COMMUNICATION: Communication equipment requirements

EMERGENCY SIGNALS: Radio, flag, flare, lights cell phones

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Requirements, types

OTHER EQUIPMENT: Pumps, buckets, whistle, bell, anchor, etc

RULES OF THE ROAD: Right of Way, Aids to Navigation, Running Lights

Basic Maintenance Topics

ROUTINE FLUID CHECKS: Engine/Generator oil, transmission, coolant, abnormal conditions, changing fluids

WATER INTAKES: Purpose, maintenance/cleaning, opening/closing, impellers, abnormal conditions

BILGE: Checks/inspections, location of bilges, abnormal conditions

WATER/SEWAGE SYSTEM: Pump out stations, overboard discharge, legal/laws

OTHER SYSTEMS: Air conditioning, ventilation, steering, propulsion, Zinc

WINTERIZATION:Engines, Water System (including hot water heater), toilets, A/C, Generator

Basic Boat Handling Topics

MOORING LINES: Mooring (tying up the boat), getting underway, types of line

ELECTRIC POWER: connecting, disconnecting, AC and DC power systems, batteries, generator

STARTING ENGINES: engine room blower, engine gages, fuel, fuel tanks

MANEUVERABILITY: single/double engine control, prop/rudder forces, current, wind, “less is more”

ANCHORING: types of anchors, anchor chain/line, scope of chain, anchoring/un-anchoring, lights

ABNORMAL CONDITIONS: foul weather, running aground, loss of steering, loss of engines